William Mitchell CLAY SR

c.1710-September 10, 1774

Father: Henry CLAY I (August 3, 1672-1760)
Mother: Mary MITCHELL (January 1692-August 17, 1777)

Wife: Martha RUNYON (c.1713-1764)

Elizabeth CLAY (April 17, 1734-?)
William Mitchell CLAY JR (March 24, 1736-1812) *married Mildred (c.1736-?)
Ezekial CLAY (1737-1771)
Obediah CLAY (c.1738-c.1815) *married Mary CHAPPELL
Judith CLAY (c.1741-1804) *married Thomas Buery FARLEY
Mitchell CLAY SR (1739-March 20, 1811)
Mary Elizabeth CLAY (c.1755-1798)
*note: I'm not 100% sure at this time that the last two children listed here belong to this family, I'm still working on this
                             Charles CLAY
|Henry CLAY I|
|                           |Hannah WILSON
|--William Mitchell CLAY
|                            William MITCHELL
|Mary MITCHELL      |
                            |Elizabeth _________  

William Mitchell Clay died on September 10, 1774, while hunting deer for Col. John Field's company of independent Rangers. He was part of the unit assembled under Gen. Andrew Lewis travelling to Point Pleasant to participate in the impending battle. Though it is not clear why a 64 year old man would be making a 250 mile journey on foot, he earned the dubious distinction of becoming the unit's first casualty.



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