William de BRAOSE IV
Lord of Abergavenny
"Black Will"

c.1197-May 2, 1230

Father: Reginald de BRAOSE (c.1182-c.1228)
Mother: Gracia de BREWER (c.1186-1223)

Wife: Eve MARSHALL (c.1198-?)

Isabell de BRAOSE (?-?) *married Dafydd, Prince of North Wales
*Eva BRAOSE (c.1220-?)
Paul Sheridan Keenan, Jr.'s line
*Eleanor de BRAOSE (c.1230-1251)
Colleen Fair Keenan's line
*Maud BRAOSE (c.1230-?)
Colleen Fair Keenan's line

                             William de BRAOSE III
|Reginald de BRAOSE
|                            |Maud de SAINT VALERY
|--William de BRAOSE IV
|                            ___________________
|Gracia de BREWER

NOTE: He was captured by Llywelyn the Great, ruler of most of Wales, in fighting in the commote of Ceri near Montgomery, in 1228. William was ransomed for the sum of £2,000 and then made an alliance with Llywelyn, arranging to marry his daughter Isabella to Llywelyn's only legitimate son Dafydd ap Llywelyn. However on a visit to Llywelyn during Easter 1230 connected with this marriage William was caught in Llywelyn's bedchamber with Llywelyn's wife, the Princess Joan. This affair may have begun while he was held as a prisoner there. The Chronicle of Ystrad Fflur entry for 1230 reads:
"In this year William de Breos the Younger, Lord of Brycheiniog, was hanged by the Lord Llywelyn in Gwynedd, after he had been caught in Llywelyn's chamber with the king of England's daughter, Llywelyn's wife." Llywelyn had William publicly hanged on May 2, 1230. Joan herself was later pardoned.

Paul Keenan's 23rd great-grandfather
Colleen Keenan's 21st great-grandfather
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SOURCE 2: en.wikipedia.org



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