Royle Allegheny Restaurant

Classes of 1936, 1937, and 1938
Front Row: Rocco Bono/36, Mary (Fagan) Everson/36, Leona (Simmers) Ruffaner/36, Grace (Morgan) Eichorn/37, Carrie (Lytle) Hayes/38, Berneta (Ruffaner) Forester/38, Gladys Mae (Bowser) Kilgore/38, Vivian (Schrecengost) Slease/38, Geraldine (Foringer) Williams/38
Middle Row: Henry Claypoole/37, Emma Jean (Claypoole) Elgin/38, Anna (Minteer) Kruggel/37, Jenny (Croyle) Campbell/37, Frances (Young) McAfoose/37, Carolyn (Drake) Coldron/38, Florence (Risch) Smith/38, Virginia (Bowser) Livengood/38, Ruby Leard/38, Thelma (Helsel) Bofinger/38, Freda (Simmers) Schaeffer/38
Back Row: Gladys (McKee) Rigsby/37, Stewart Claypoole/37, Harold Claypoole/38, Donald Claypoole/36, Carrie Louise (Graff)/38, Delbert Dodd/38, James Cooper/38, Charles Cooper/37

Class of 1937
Front Row: Anna Minteer, Gladys McKee, Grace Morgan, Jenny Croyle, Frances Young
Back Row: Henry Claypoole, Charles Cooper, Stewart Claypoole

Class of 1938
16 out of 20 graduates attended
Front Row: Geraldine Foringer, Thelma Helsel, Carrie Lytle, Berneta Ruffaner, Gladys Mae Bowser, Vivian Schrecengost
Back Row: Delbert Dodd, Emma Jean Claypoole, Harold Claypoole, Florence Risch, Carrie Louise Graff, Virginia Bowser, James Cooper, Ruby Leard, Carolyn Drake, Freda Simmers

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