NOVEMBER 2, 1958

Albert Hepler and Bessie Alice (Ruffaner) Shearer

Written on the back of this photo
"sent to Shearer's by John and Dorothy Dimmit. Christmas 1958"

Jeff Shearer, Dick and Carol Bricker, Colleen Fair, Mary Ann and Larry Bouch, Victor and George Stivason

Jimmy Jr and Jim Nichol Sr, Laurie Learish (in highchair), Joan Lee and Jack Learish, Ilene Crosson and Bob Nichol (not married until the next weekend), John C Shearer, Odessa and Pastor Howard Addleman, Hugh and Eyvette Fair, Bernice and John W Shearer, Betty and Albert “Bud” Shearer Jr, Wilbert and Annabel Bouch, Alton Shearer

Albert “Bud” Shearer Jr, Wilbert and Annabel Bouch, Alton Shearer, Shirley and Robert Shearer, Bessie and Albert Shearer

Corinne Shearer, Ed and Melda Bricker, Dick and Eva Shearer, Omer and Ethel Nichol, Adele Shearer and Dick Barnhart (not married yet), Harold and Gary Shearer

Standing is Frank Ruffaner (he must have got there early). Seated… Dick and Eva Shearer, Omer and Ethel Nichol, Adele Shearer, Dick Barnhart, Gary and Vernon Shearer, Dan Addleman, Sue Addleman, Rose Ann Bricker, Sonya and Bill Nichol, Pete Piper and Barbara Nichol (not married yet), Lois Mae Shearer, David Bouch, Mary Bouch, Dick Bouch, Ralph Bouch

Bruce Shearer, Linda Shearer, Harland Shearer, Ray Shearer, Noreen Shearer, Kay Shearer, Donna Shearer

Bill Nichol, Ethel Nichol, Bud Shearer

Back row standing left to right: Larry and Mary Ann Bouch, Lois Mae Shearer
Middle row seated left to right: Eyvette holding Bobby Bricker, Eva, Rose Ann holding Michael Fair
Front row standing left to right: Jeff Shearer, Noreen Shearer with back to camera, Carol Bricker

Bob Nichol, Ilene Crosson, Sonya Nichol, Dorothy Nichol with back to camera, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schiano, Roy Yockey, Hugh Fair

Standing: Albert Jr., Alton, Dick, Robert, and John
Seated: Eyvette, Annabel, Albert Sr., Bessie, Ethel, and Melda

Back: J. Robert Shearer, Hugh H. Fair, Bernice M. (Nichol) Shearer, Wilbert A. Bouch, John W. Shearer, Corinne B. (Clover) Shearer, W. Richard Shearer, Eva (Bowser) Shearer, Beatrice "Betty" (Knappenberger) Shearer, Omer W. Nichol, Albert H. "Bud" Shearer, Jr., Edwin H. Bricker, Alton L. Shearer
Seated: Shirley A. (Bowser) Shearer, Eyvette R. (Shearer) Fair, S. Annabel (Shearer) Bouch, Albert H. Shearer, Sr., Bessie A. (Ruffaner) Shearer, Ethel L. (Shearer) Nichol, Melda M. (Shearer) Bricker, M. Mae (Moore) Shearer

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